Sapphire Founding Team

We are media-technology entrepreneurs and concerned parents. 



Karen is a lifelong student of the role of media in democracy.  She brings leadership from a broad range of media, including over 10 media and technology start-ups.  Karen was one of five media veterans that started Common Sense Media, a non-profit now serving over 65 Million people and 105,000 schools.  At Yahoo, she was on the company’s initial executive team, the 17th employee, and head of marketing worldwide for 6 years.  Earlier, she was an executive at 20th Century Fox and Apple’s advertising agency, after starting her career in journalism.   Today, she serves on the boards of KQED and the Institute for the Future.  She has an MBA from Harvard and BA Communications from Stanford.


Raj has the rare combination of technical expertise, leadership skills effective with a range of teammates, and a deep empathy for end users.   Raj co-founded Mode (formerly Glam Media) where he was VP Engineering for 9 years, managing a team of over 100 engineers.  Mode launched with 100,000 content pieces curated by 10,000 influencers, becoming a ComScore Top 10 Media Property for 10 years.  He began his entrepreneurial career while in college as an early employee of NetObjets.   Raj has worked with Vic for over 15 years, together they created five content technology patents sold to Adobe.  His specialties include Architecture, Agile Methodologies and Test-Driven Development. Raj has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.




Vic applies prowess for design simplicity in media technologies, UI optimization, and consumer products. He has founded several companies besides his own multi-million dollar design firm, Zaudhaus: one went public, another was sold to IBM, and others continue to thrive.  He was a co-founder of Juice Beauty which was sold to Gwyneth Paltrow's company, and a founding member of Republic of Tea where his original design remains in stores today. Vic began his design career at age 15 when Steve Jobs hired him at Apple where he worked for 4 years before earning his BA in Graphics from the Art Center College of Design.