We help young adults make sense of issues in the news.



Our mission is to engage 16-21 year olds in issues in the news, so they become informed, positive disruptors for the future.  

It's their future. So, we meet  them where they are: on social media, mobile apps, and media they know. In real life, we reach out to campuses, vocational programs and community services.

At a glance, our visual approach makes it easy to grasp what’s happening in the world, from diverse perspectives. The Sapphire platform is dedicated to helping anyone grasp any facet of any issue. We can't end the ancient problem of misinformation and propaganda, but we can make a new generation less vulnerable to it. We have the technology.  

Using AI and Machine Learning technologies, Sapphire connects users with qualified primary, local and mass media sources. This builds trust in media as young adults learn to “know the source.” This also promotes the value of community and local voices in the media landscape.

In addition to serving young adults directly, we distribute our programming through media partners to reach as broad an audience as possible. We also provide our technology tools to under-resourced media outlets and other organizations striving to engage young adults.

Interested?  info@projectshappire.org 

Project Sapphire was established as a non-profit corporation in the State of California in 2017.  501c3 status pending.